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The Who The Who By Numbers VINYL


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The Who By Numbers excels in large part due to its modest goal, it’s simply the Who’s singer-songwriter record. Without the ostensible shield his “rock operas” provided, Pete Townshend’s personal demons strut about nakedly. Not a pretty sight, but an engaging spectacle nevertheless. “They Are All in Love” and “How Many Friends” are forgotten Who songs, but they seem to have aged beautifully. John Entwistle’s “Success Story” sequences nicely with the rest of the album. And “However Much I Booze”, “Dreaming from the Waist”, and “In a Hand or a Face” are great decade early exercises in mid-life self-pity. Squeeze Box adds some light relief and today with hindsight, The Who By Numbers stands as one of the linchpins in The Who’s long catalogue.

Track Listing
1 Slip Kid
2 However Much I Booze
3 Squeeze Box
4 Dreaming From The Waist
5 Imagine A Man
6 Success Story
7 They Are All In Love
8 Blue Red And Grey
9 How Many Friends
10 In A Hand Or A Face

Artist: The Who
Title: The Who by Numbers
Genre: Classic Rock
Release Date: 2008
Attributes: Discs:1
Label: Classic Records
Product Type: Vinyl
Catalogue: 8117151
UPC: 746424901508


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