The Velvet Underground White Light White Heat VINYL

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The Velvet Underground White Light White Heat VINYL



Nothing in the debut album of The Velvet Underground could really have prepared fans for the sonic assault they unleashed on White Light/White Heat. Freed from Andy Warhol’s patronage, Lou Reed and company strip the production values to a minimum and turned out a primitive rock & roll masterpiece. In fact everything on this record sounds distorted and abrasive. Depending on how you feel about these sorts of things, this makes it either their best or their worst record. Of course, underneath it all are some of Mr Reed’s greatest songs, from the title track to the wistful “Here She Comes Now”. It all culminates with the raucously joyous “I Heard Her Call My Name” (“And then my mind split open,” Reed sings and his guitar lets you know just about how that would feel) and the epic “Sister Ray” – 10 minutes of transcendent, pounding fuzz as Lou Reed searches for his “mainline”.

Track Listing
Side One
1. White Light/White Heat
2. The Gift
3. Lady Godiva’s Operation
4. Here She Comes Now
Side Two
5. I Heard Her Call My Name
6. Sister Ray

Artist: The Velvet Underground
Title: White Light White Heat
Genre: 1960s / Psychedelia
Release Date: 2008
Attributes: VINYL LP
Label: Verve
Product Type: Vinyl
Catalogue: V6-5046
UPC: 766481269977


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