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Talking Heads Speaking in Tongues VINYL


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World Music sounds and funky rhythms had infected Talking Heads music prior to this 1983 pop breakthrough, but Speaking in Tongues is where it all really gels. The band’s quirky, nerdy persona somehow blends easily with music borrowed from the African Diaspora on “Stop Making Sense” and “Burning Down the House”. Speaking in Tongues also marks one of the last true band collaborations, before Byrne reduced his partners to mere sidemen. If their edgier early albums now sound more challenging and unique in hindsight, this one at least documents the New York quartet’s singular blend of World Beat, art school rock and the always irresistible dance floor. The album was a commercial breakthrough that produced the band’s first (and only) American Top 10 hit, “Burning Down the House”. In 2012 Slant Magazine listed Speaking in Tongues at No.89 on its list of Best Albums of the 1980s.

Track Listing
1. Burning Down The House
2. Making Flippy Floppy
3. Girlfriend Is Better
4. Slippery People
5. I Get Wild / Wild Gravity
6. Swamp
7. Moon Rocks
8. Pull Up The Roots
9. This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)

Artist: Talking Heads
Title: Speaking in Tongues
Genre: Punk / New Wave
Release Date: 4 June 2013
Attributes: 180GM VINYL LP
Country: USA
Label: Wea/Rhino
Product Type: Vinyl
Catalogue: 23883
UPC: 081227966652


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