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Talking Heads Fear of Music VINYL



Fear of Music represents the bridge between Talking Heads first two punky albums and the next two funky ones. But this album is more than just a bridge though, it’s the water under the bridge, the air, the animals, the cities the river flows through and the heaven on top of it all: “…a place where nothing ever happens.” The album starts out with its feet off the ground and both arms in the air: “I Zimbra” is all-out celebration. The rest of the songs are pretty much exercises in simplicity: one-word titles with music to match. The lightness of “Air”, the trippiness of “Drugs” and the wildness of “Animals”. David Byrne’s artful naiveté (“Hold the paper up to the light/Some rays pass right through”), coupled with the whole band’s musical playfulness, for example, the tuba on “Electric Guitar”, makes for artful fun.

Track Listing
1 I Zimbra
2 Mind
3 Paper
4 Cities
5 Life During Wartime
6 Memories Can’t Wait
7 Air
8 Heaven
9 Animals
10 Electric Guitar
11 Drugs

Artist: Talking Heads
Title: Fear of Music
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 6 August 2013
Attributes: 180GM VINYL LP
Label: Wea/Warner Bros
Product Type: Vinyl
Catalogue: 6076
UPC: 081227965549


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