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Sting The Last Ship VINYL



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The Last Ship is the eleventh studio album by Sting. The music is inspired by the play of the same name, which explores the central themes of homecoming and self-discovery. The album features guest artists with roots in the north east of England, including Brian Johnson from AC/DC, Jimmy Nail, Becky Unthank and more.

Track Listing
1. The Last Ship
2. Dead Man’s Boots
3. And Yet
4. August Winds
5. Language Of Birds
6. Practical Arrangement
7. The Night The Pugilist Learned How To Dance
8. Ballad Of The Great Eastern
9. What Have We Got? – Sting, Jimmy Nail
10. I Love Her But She Loves Someone Else
11. So To Speak – Sting, Becky Unthank
12. The Last Ship

Artist: Sting
Title: The Last Ship
Genre: Folk / Country
Release Date: 2013
Attributes: LP ~ Discs:1
Label: Cherry Tree Records
Product Type: Vinyl
Catalogue: B001874101
UPC: 602527453217


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