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Portishead VINYL



Portishead seemed to spearhead a revolution in both pop and dance music by introducing a new groove, they were at the vanguard of the ’90s trip hop onslaught and after a three-year respite they returned with this second album to claim the trip hop crown. Vocalist Beth Gibbons was on her way to becoming the Billie Holiday of electronica, retaining a stoic, laconic tone while recounting tales of despair and emotional upheaval. On this album, the lazy, spacious beats that are the Portishead’s trademark provided just the right combination of urgency to underscore the emotional contradictions at the core of the music. Adrian Utley’s delightfully creepy guitar and keyboard work layers the proceedings very tastefully. On tunes like Cowboys and All Mine, Portishead makes it plain that when it comes to arresting and unsettling electronic dance-pop, nobody does it better.

Track Listing
1 Cowboys
2 All Mine
3 Undenied
4 Half Day Closing
5 Over
6 Humming
7 Mourning Air
8 Seven Months
9 Only You
10 Elysium
11 Western Eyes

Artist: Portishead
Title: Portishead
Genre: Alternative / Indie
Release Date: 1997
Attributes: 2 LP
Label: Go Beat
Product Type: Vinyl
Catalogue: 3145391891
UPC: 731453918917


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