Paris Texas – Soundtrack VINYL

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Paris Texas – Soundtrack VINYL

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Paris Texas is a stark drama staring Harry Dean Stanton and remains director Wim Wenders best-known English language film. To capture the emotion of a story set against the relentless heat and arid landscape of Texas, Wenders chose not a Hollywood film composer, but the celebrated folk and blues musician, Ry Cooder. Working with just two other musicians, Jim Dickinson and David Lindley, Cooder successfully crafted an involving score which seems to articulate feelings too painful for words. Ry Cooder dominates the score with his distinctive slide guitar playing, his simple main theme so evocative than once heard it is never forgotten. The soundtrack mixes guitars and delicate percussion to create distinctive soundscapes, the complex layering of “She’s Leaving The Bank” being especially striking. “Cancion Mixteca” a traditional song given a somewhat eccentric performance by Harry Dean Stanton, and “I Knew These People” a lengthy dialogue encompassing the heart of the film. Far removed from conventional film soundtracks this is a quietly haunting score, which alongside Cooder’s The Long Riders and Last Man Standing, shows just how effective an imaginatively different approach to movie music can be. The Paris Texas Soundtrack is now recognised as a timeless classic.

Track Listing
1 Paris, Texas
2 Brothers
3 Nothing Out There
4 Cancion Mixteca (Vocal by Harry Dean Stanton)
5 No Safety Zone
6 Houston In Two Seconds
7 She`s Leaving The Bank
8 On The Couch
9 I Knew These People (with Harry Dean Stanton And Nastassja Kinski)
10 Dark Was The Night

Artist: Ry Cooder
Title: Paris Texas
Genre: Soundtracks
Release Date: 2005
Attributes: Discs:1 / 180g Vinyl
Country: UK
Label: Warner
Product Type: Vinyl
Catalogue: 7599252701
UPC: 075992527019


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