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M83 Saturdays=Youth NEW VINYL


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For their fifth album, Saturdays=Youth, French electronic band M83 conjure up the 1980s in all their candy-colored glory. There’s a difference, however, between poaching from the past and recreating it. Despite the abundance of pretty-boy and girl vocals, oceanic keyboards and big electronic beats, recalling 1980s icons from Simple Minds to Kate Bush, Saturdays=youth feels more like an affectionate tribute than a cynical carbon copy. Saturdays=Youth is a precious gift from a secret admirer, wrapped in ambience and sealed with a kiss.

Track Listing
1 You, Appearing
2 Kim Jessie
3 Skin of the Night
4 Graveyard Girl
5 Couleurs
6 Up!
7 We Own the Sky
8 Highway of Endless Dreams
9 Too Late
10 Dark Moves of Love
11 Midnight Souls Still Remain

Artist: M83
Title: Saturdays=youth
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 13 January 2009
Attributes: 2 LP
Label: Emm/Emm
Product Type: Vinyl
Catalogue: 969384
UPC: 724596938416


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