John Mayall Blues from Laurel Canyon VINYL

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John Mayall Blues from Laurel Canyon VINYL


Blues from Laurel Canyon is a blues album, through and through. Testimony to this is the fact that there’s a guitar solo at only 50 seconds into the opening track. Mayall dispersed the entire brass section for Blues from Laurel Canyon and instead chose the solid but relatively limited backing of Mick Taylor (guitar), Colin Allen (drums) and Stephen Thompson (bass). “Vacation,” the album’s opener, reminds the listener exactly why this artist is so celebrated for his song-writing ability. The staggering Mick Taylor truly proves his worth as a blues guitarist, while Stephen Thompson works superbly with one of the genre’s most interesting drummers, Colin Allen. Blues from Laurel Canyon is on a parr with Bluesbreakers and equally as musically interesting. Not only is this one of the finest John Mayall albums, it is also a highlight in the blues genus.

Track Listing
1 Vacation
2 Walking On Sunset
3 Laurel Canyon Home
4 2401
5 Ready To Ride
6 Medicine Man
7 Somebody’s Acting Like A Child
8 The Bear
9 Miss James
10 First Time Alone
11 Long Gone Midnight
12 Fly Tomorrow

Artist: John Mayall
Title: Blues from Laurel Canyon
Genre: Blues
Release Date: 2007
Attributes: LP ~ Discs:1
Label: Deram
Product Type: Vinyl
Catalogue: 8205391
UPC: 042282053916


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