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John Foxx and Jori Hulkkonen European Splendour VINYL


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John Foxx and Jori Hulkkonen have collaborated on a new mini album featuring 4 brand new songs, two remixes by film-director David Lynch and a radio edit of the exquisite lead track ‘Evangeline’. The other songs – ‘Strictly’, ‘Something Is Coming Down The Avenues’ and ‘Can’t See You Anymore’ – are as dream-like and strange as anything in either artist’s catalogue. For Foxx, the closest reference would be his 1981 album, ‘The Garden’ but the surrealist feel of the new material is more displaced and dislocated. There’s a strong sense of melancholy, loss, destruction and also romance. Perfect material for David Lynch to reinterpret and re-imagine, quietly stretching out ‘Evangeline’ with the sound of surf, a drum machine heartbeat and the twang of a 50s guitar. It’s a beautiful, evocative remix and a shimmering instrumental version.

According to Hulkkonen the idea was first discussed back in 2010 ‘when John Foxx And The Maths played a live show at the Roundhouse in London with me supporting as a DJ – and I also ended up on stage to play on John’s song, ‘Underpass’.’ Foxx and Hulkkonen had worked together before on two singles, ‘Dislocated’ in 2005 and ‘Never Been Here Before’ two years later, but the pair were keen to try something new. ‘What I wanted to do was try a somewhat deeper way of collaborating,’ says Hulkkonen. ‘Creating an EP where the tracks are linked thematically, emotionally and sonically. Thankfully John agreed. Now, some three years later I’m happy the record is finally done and it indeed carries the elements of mystery and surprise it was intended to have. And the fact that David Lynch is on remix duties further adds to the conundrum that is European Splendour.’

Foxx, who wrote all the lyrics, describes the EP as a ‘Lynchian love story set against the background of a convulsed Europe – where New York is the capital of France, Rome has moved to Manhattan and declared itself a republic, and New Neon Blackpool has outstripped Las Vegas and London as the playground of Sino-Russian oligarchs.’ Adding to the sense of mystery, Foxx goes on to say: ‘it’s based in a Eurozone where dark forces insinuate the cafes, alleyways and penthouses’ Either way, ‘European Splendour’ is like an internal movie recorded across Europe and featuring a new dream combination of Foxx, Hulkkonen and David Lynch. The artwork is by Bowie collaborator Jonathan Barnbrook, with the cover featuring a new sculpture by Foxx. Film icon remixes. Musician sculpts. Hulkonnen’s career s as diverse as anyone. This is the world of ‘European Splendour’.

Track Listing
1. Evangeline
2. Strictly
3. Something Is Coming Down the Avenues
4. Can’t See You Anymore
5. Evangeline (David Lynch Remix)

Artist: Foxx, John & Jori Hulkkonen
Title: European Splendour EP
Genre: Dance / Electronic
Release Date: 20 August 2013
Attributes: 12 INCH VINYL SINGLE ~ Discs:1
Country: USA
Label: Sugarcane Recordings
Product Type: Vinyl
Catalogue: SGR 024EP
UPC: 880319635717


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