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James Blake James Blake VINYL


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James Blake’s debut album features a blend of electronic production and more traditional recording techniques and this fusion is most obvious on the Feist cover, ‘Limit To Your Love’, which is also the album’s first single. James Blake is heavily influenced by artists such as The XX, and claims their success has made it easier for others to understand his music. The album was nominated for the 2011 Mercury Prize.

Track Listing
1 Tep And The Logic
2 Unluck
3 The Wilhelm Scream
1 I Never Learnt To Share
2 Lindisfarne I
3 Lindisfarne II
1 Limit To Your Love
2 Give Me My Month
3 To Care (Like You)
1 Why Don’t You Call Me
2 I Mind
3 Measurements
4 You Know Your Youth

Artist: James Blake
Title: James Blake
Genre: Dance & Electronica
Attributes: 2 LP
Country: USA
Label: Umgd/Universal Records
Product Type: Vinyl
Catalogue: 1544301
UPC: 602527554723


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