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Jack Johnson On & On VINYL


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Jack Johnson, the Hawaiian surfing champion turned alternative pop-folk star, really hasn’t changed things one iota for his second album. Fans of Brushfire Fairytales should be delighted with the results. This groove is a mellow one, most of the 16 tracks here are semi-acoustic and that easy-going spirit filters into Johnson’s lyrical philosophies. “What will be will be / And so it goes” he sings on “Times Like These”, the opening track. Thankfully, Jack Johnson is never too mellow, and there’s a “Don’t worry, be happy” vibe to most of his music, “The Horizon Has Been Defeated” even has a pseudo-reggae feel to it. Although classified as an alternative musician, the singer-songwriter’s compositions owe much to past hits. “Traffic in the Sky” is reminiscent of Jim Croce’s “Operator” and Looking Glass’s one-hit-wonder, “Brandy”. On the splendid “Taylor”, Johnson sounds an awful lot like 60s star Donovan and “By the Way” recalls the Lovin’ Spoonful.

Track Listing
1 Times Like These
2 Horizon Has Been Defeated
3 Traffic in the Sky
4 Taylor
5 Gone
6 Cupid
7 Wasting Time
8 Holes to Heaven
9 Dreams Be Dreams
10 Tomorrow Morning
11 Fall Line
12 Cookie Jar
13 Rodeo Clowns
14 Cocoon
15 Mediocre Bad Guys
16 Symbol in My Driveway

Artist: Jack Johnson
Title: On & on
Genre: Alternative / Indie
Release Date: 6 May 2003
Attributes: DIGIPAK LP ~ Discs:1
Country: USA
Label: Umgd/Brushfire Records
Product Type: Vinyl
Catalogue: 75012
UPC: 044007501214


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