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Iron & Wine Our Endless Numbered Days VINYL


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Our Endless Numbered Days is the second full-length album from Iron & Wine. Released on March 23, 2004 on Sub Pop, it was the first non-solo effort by Sam Beam under his Iron & Wine moniker. The album’s title comes from the lyrics of the song “Passing Afternoon”: “There are things that drift away like our endless, numbered days.”

Track Listing
1 On Your Wings
2 Naked as We Came
3 Cinder and Smoke
4 Sunset Soon Forgotten
5 Teeth in the Grass
6 Love and Some Verses
7 Radio War
8 Each Coming Night
9 Free Until They Cut Me Down
10 Fever Dream
11 Sodom, South Georgia
12 Passing Afternoon

Artist: Iron & Wine
Title: Our Endless Numbered Days
Genre: Folk / Country
Release Date: 23 March 2004
Attributes: LP ~ Discs:1
Country: USA
Label: Sub Pop
Product Type: Vinyl
Catalogue: 70630
UPC: 098787063011


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