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Death Cab for Cutie Narrow Stairs VINYL


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Narrow Stairs might be the first album recorded by Death Cab for Cutie since Ben Gibbard’s former solo project went unexpectedly stratospheric, but Gibbard hasn’t let it go to his head. The first single “I Will Possess Your Heart” is an eight minute jam that speeds off on one long, luminous curve before Gibbard’s distinctive vocals swing in, sweet and plaintive as ever. Even when indulging their grander visions, though, Death Cab for Cutie are still familiar as the same band that wrote those fragile, winsome songs back before teen drama The OC came knocking. Never knowingly overstated, built from driving rhythms, flourishes of piano and intricate melodies, Narrow Stairs builds grand and emotionally loaded narratives from small, subtle parts. “Your New Twin Sized Bed” hides a deftly articulated tale of heartbreak and loneliness amidst soothing tangles of guitar, while “You Can Do Better than Me” is a sweet miniature that’s part Pet Sounds orchestration, part wistful Dear John. This isn’t, as Gibbard would previously hint, a dissonant or especially adventurous album. It proves, however, that Death Cab can extend their musical scope without diluting the pathos or energy of their music and it not only sounds great, but bodes well for the future.

Track Listing
1 Bixby Canyon Bridge
2 I Will Possess Your Heart
3 No Sunlight
4 Cath…
5 Talking Bird
6 You Can Do Better Than Me
7 Grapevine Fires
8 Your New Twin Sized Bed
9 Long Division
10 Pity and Fear
11 Ice Is Getting Thinner

Artist: Death Cab for Cutie
Title: Narrow Stairs
Genre: Alternative / Indie
Release Date: 9 December 2008
Attributes: LP ~ Discs:1
Label: Barsuk Records
Product Type: Vinyl
Catalogue: 31075
UPC: 655173107515


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