Cliff Martinez Only God Forgives VINYL

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Cliff Martinez Only God Forgives VINYL


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Only God Forgives features an amazing high energy electronica soundtrack by Cliff Martinez and a selection of Thai pop songs.

Track Listing
1. Only God Forgives
2. Ask Him Why He Killed My Brother
3. Chang and Sword
4. Chang Vision
5. Do As Thou Will
6. Can’t Forget
7. Crystal Checking In
8. More Hands
9. Sister Part 1
10. Take It Off
11. Leave My Son In Peace
12. Falling In Love
13. Crystal and the Bodybuilders
14. Ladies Close Your Eyes
15. Bride of Chang
16. Wanna Fight
17. You’re My Dream

Artist: Cliff Martinez
Title: Only God Forgives
Genre: Soundtracks
Release Date: 16 July 2013
Attributes: 180GM VINYL/2 LP LP ~ Discs:2
Label: Milan
Product Type: Vinyl
Catalogue: 36637
UPC: 731383663703


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