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Boards of Canada Tomorrow’s Harvest VINYL



Tomorrow’s Harvest is the fourth studio album by the Scottish electronic music duo Boards of Canada. Band members Mike Sandison and Marcus Eoin began composing and recording the album following the release of The Campfire Headphase (2005) and the expansion of their studio at Hexagon Sun near Pentland Hills. The duo continued recording intermittently until late 2012, when large parts of the album were recorded. Influenced by film soundtracks from the 1970s, Tomorrow’s Harvest features a more down-tempo form of ambient music, similar to Boards of Canada’s earlier releases. Pitchfork Media rated Tomorrow’s Harvest 8.3 out of 10 and labelled it among 2013’s Best New Music. Reviewer Mark Richardson described it as the “most internally focused of Boards of Canada’s records. Rather than working around the edges of their sound in search of new territory, Tomorrow’s Harvest finds them drawing back toward the center” and noted how “the creative energy… is directed toward building textures, which are very deep and rich indeed.

Track Listing
Disc: 1
1. Gemini
2. Reach For The Dead
3. White Cyclosa
4. Jacquard Causeway
5. Telepath
6. Cold Earth
7. Transmisiones Ferox
8. Sick Times
9. Collapse
Disc: 2
1. Palace Posy
2. Split Your Infinities
3. Uritual
4. Nothing Is Real
5. Sundown
6. New Seeds
7. Come To Dust
8. Semena Mertvykh

Artist: Boards of Canada
Title: Tomorrow’s Harvest
Genre: Dance / Electronic
Release Date: 11 June 2013
Attributes: 2 LP/INCL. DOWNLOAD LP
Label: Warp Records
Product Type: Vinyl
Catalogue: 10257
UPC: 801061025717


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